About: This document contains editing information for the Gladiator bot.
The Gladiator bot is an artificial player for Quake2.
Author: Mr Elusive (MrElusive@demigod.demon.nl)
Gladiator page: http://www.botepidemic.com/gladiator
Last update: 1999-05-05

Creating a new bot character

Each bot character includes the following files:

[name].cfg file used to load the bot
[name]_c.c file with the characteristics
[name]_t.c file with ichats used to initiate a chat *
[name]_w.c file with weapon fuzzy weights used for weapon selection *
[name]_i.c file with item fuzzy weights used for goal evaluation *

The files with the * are optional because they can be shared with other bots.

The custum bot characters are stored in the 'bots' sub-folder in the 'gladiator' folder.

[name].cfg file

A "[name].cfg" should be included with every bot character. All the *.cfg files from the 'bots' sub-folder are loaded automatically and the bots from these *.cfg files will appear in the bot menu. Each line in a .cfg file contains one bot. Every string in this file is enclosed with double quotes "". This allows people to specify a bot name or character file folder with spaces. Such a line with a bot contains the following information:

"sv" "addbot" "[name]" "[model]/[skin]" "[characterfile]" "[charactername]"

[name] is the name of the bot
[model] is the model used by the bot
[skin] is the skin used by the bot
[characterfile] is the file that contains the bot character
[charactername] is the name of the character loaded from the character file

[name]_c file

This file contains the characteristics of the bot. References to the [name]_t.c, [name]_w.c and [name]_i.c are included with these characteristics.

[name]_t file

This file contains the chat lines the bot will use to initiate a chat.

[name]_w file

This file contains the weapon fuzzy relations/weights used for weapon selection.

[name]_i file

This file contains the item fuzzy relations/weights used for goal evaluation.