About: This document contains editing information for the Gladiator bot.
The Gladiator bot is an artificial player for Quake2.
Author: Mr Elusive (MrElusive@demigod.demon.nl)
Gladiator page: http://www.botepidemic.com/gladiator
Last update: 1999-05-05

The Gladiator bot uses the item specifications to figure out what items are available to pick up. The item specifications are stored in a file items.c in the .pak file included with the Gladiator bot.

An item specification is constructed as follows:

iteminfo  "item classname"

The "item classname" should be replaced by the classname of the item.

The specification fields listed below are placed between the braces.
Every field is assigned a value according to the field type.

name:         type:       description:

name          string      name of the item
model         string      model of the item
type          integer     item type
index         integer     index in the inventory
respawntime   float       respawn time
mins          3 floats    mins of the item
maxs          3 floats    maxs of the item