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Gladiator Bot related questions

Q: The Bot gets stuck on the ladder leading up to the Super-Shotgun in Q2DM3.
What's up with that?
A: The BSPC tool uses the level geometry to calculate the .AAS file which the bot uses to navigate the map. Therefore it can happen that a poorly placed brush causes problems for the bot. This is the case here. The ladder brush is sorta misplaced. So the problem is not the bot, but rather a combination of a poorly placed brush and the Quake2 player movement code. This might be fixed in a next version.
Q: Can the bot rocket jump? Since it is a very important feature in DM?
A: No, in the current version the Gladiator bot won't rocket jump.
But it will be implemented in a next version.
Q: When I launch Quake2 I get the error "can't find colormap.lmp", what should I do?
A: Launch Quake2 from the Quake2 folder or include the command-line parameter "+set basedir c:\quake2" (where c:\quake2 is your Quake2 folder).
Q: What is the minimum configuration for playing the Gladiator Bot?
A: Same as for playing Quake 2.
Q: When I start a map Windows switches back to the desktop and my system locks up, what should I do? (happens when using a creative banshee board)
A: You should create .AAS files for the maps you want to play. Create them before launching Quake2 using the WinBSPC tool.
Q: Will there be a Solaris version of the bot?
A: As soon as everything is sorted out.
Q: Are you going to support other Quake2 mods?
A: CTF, basic Rocket Arena, Xatrix mission pack 1 and Rogue mission pack 2 are currently supported. Anything beyond that is not sure yet.
Q: Are you going to support other games like Sin or Half-Life?
A: When we have the time for it, we might. But hey, if you guys throw in a few bucks so we won't have to work anymore and only work on this bot we can garantee it :)
Q: Will the source code be released?
A: The bot game source code has been released. This enables everyone to add the bot to different games. The source of the highest layer of the AI might also be released.
Q: Can I play the Gladiator bot with any map?
A: With the (win)bspc tool you can compile any Quake 2 map ever made or any Quake 2 map that ever will be made. The Gladiator bot is able to navigate all compiled maps.

(Win)Bspc related questions

Q: Are you aware of the consequences WinBspc will (definitly) have by being able to convert .bsp files into .map files?
A: Yes we are, but we don't feel responsible for other peoples actions.
We made this tool with good intentions and do not encourage people to rip off somebodies maps.
We believe that the gamers communitie is engaged enough to see through the fake and notice the difference between a map glued together with all second-hand ideas and a map created by someone who put in a lot of genuine effort and creativity.

Q: I get an out of memory error using the BSPC or WinBSPC tool, what should I do?
A: Close all other applications to free up memory. Also free up some hard disk space to enlarge your swap space.