The Gladiator bot is an artificial player for Quake2.

Gladiator Bot Features

  • State of the art Artificial Intelligence. The add-on simulates one or more artificial players. Designed for everyone who wants to become a better player in Quake2 or to experience the multiplayer feel without having a fast network and/or Internet connection.
  • A tool is included that needs to be run before the bots are played. This tool creates .aas files that contain all the information the bot needs in order to navigate and understand a whole map. This tool operates without any human intervention, and it does not create waypoints. The AAS removes the whole business of messing around with (often?) badly placed waypoints.
  • The bot uses an advanced and easy extendable AI network with hierarchical decomposition.
  • Goal evaluation, selection and planning AI.
  • Bot uses fuzzy logic which gives it an amount of flexibility when making decisions and allows those decisions to appear much more intelligent.
  • Advanced navigation and fast cachable dynamic routing.
  • The bot has a 90 degrees field of vision and cannot see more than a human player. The bot's view is also affected by light and dark areas of the map and dynamic lights.
  • The bot can hear, understand and react upon sounds.
  • Understands all the game rules, weapons and items.
  • The bot can chat intelligently using adjustable bot chats.
  • Team AI which enables the bots to perform team actions like helping out or accompanying team mates, defending key areas etc. There can be team leaders who can order other bots or human players around. The bots are autonomous individuals. There are no gods or god-like scripts controlling the bots.
  • Ability to order bots on your team to do things by chatting with them. The bots can also use chats to order other bots or you to do things.
  • Several different bot characters included for the real multiplayer experience.
  • The bots are fully adjustable. From adjusting over 50 characteristics to what items or weapons the bot likes best depending on the situation.
  • Menu in order to easily add bots to and remove bots from the game.
  • Observer modes to observe the playing bots.
  • Autocam in order to get the best view of all the action in the game.
  • The bot AI is stored in a separated dynamic link library which allows other mod authors to easily link the bot into their own patch.
  • Support for Zoid's Capture The Flag, Rocket Arena 2, Xatrix mission pack 1 "The Reckoning" and Rogue mission pack 2 "Ground Zero".

Further Reading

Read the readme.htm included with the bot.
Read the winbspc.htm included with the bot.