"Todo list"
name: Mr Elusive
last update: 1999-05-16

+ bug, problem, or just something to add or fix
- fixed or done
* new feature
# removed feature/problem


- ported the BSPC tool to Linux libc5 and glibc
- fixed BSPC multi-theading


- fixed the WinBSPC create output folder bug


- rewrote the core step, barrier, waterjump and walk off ledge reachabilities


- fixed endless loop in synonym replacement (at end of tourney 1v1 match)
- teamhelp macro (don't know any team mate called "me near the shotgun") (string at end of define in match.c)


Just recieved updated bot characters where each bot has a personal set of fuzzy relations which the bot uses to evaluates goals.


v0.93 released

- fixed underwater teleporters
- moved usehook and runes lib variables to game source


# map city3 when loading the map it said error: Index: overflow (already in todo list)
# not able to change skins and stuff of the bots?
# lmctf maps give problems with the winbspc tool (already in todo list)
# item relative positioning "the rl near the railgun", "the upper rl" (use checkpoints)
# guard -> walk between two or more items (see patrol AI)
- fixed entering autocam when dead screws view angles
# add RA2 option to move bots from one to another arena without having to remove/reload them
- map colour.bsp: (colours of war) Error: Game Error Fatal: AAS_NextAreaReachability: Areanum 0 out of range
- map xware it would freeze or shutdown while storing reachability.
- map ware2: Error: AAS_NextReachability: areanum 0 out of range
- map base64: Error: AAS_NextAreaReachability: areanum 0 out of range
- added DAMAGETYPE_IGNOREARMOR to weapons.c


- added patrol AI
- fixed the synonym inside synonym replacements
- added patrol chat interpretation AI
- move the "me" from the MSG_ACCOMPANY & MSG_HELP to match.c?
- move BotAddressedToBot: "everyone", "everybody", " and " and ", " to match.c?
- added context dependent match templates
- moved checkpoint/waypoint strings to match.c?
- moved team leader "I" to match.c?


- updated the game source editing info


- added chat system editing info
- removed space in front of message to reply to
- moved here/there strings to match.c


- tried some visible GPS approaches, one with ascii graphics and one with some new pictures
- added "addrandom [X]"


- added bot checkpoint understanding
- added checkpoint macro command
- fixed button handling
- fixed and optimized area clustering
- map rdm10 (Rogue's Mission Pack): ERROR: Game error fatal: portal using area 1755 is separating more than two clusters.
- map bunk1 when storing reachability it said GAME ERROR: FATAL: portal using area 815 is seperating more than two clusters


- make defend, camp, help, accompany etc. times adjustable
- added waypoint and checkpoint synonyms
- rewrote match templates, now allowed to have multiple fixed string after each other and at the same place
- added message to rocket arena commands when used when ra disabled


- adjusting ping in rankings screen with the lag feature
- fixed id bug in ClientDisconnect
- added credits menu to the bot menu
- fixed "CTF team select" menu doesn't go away after selecting chasecam mode


- added RA2 "ra_botcycle" option, same as ra_playercycle but there will always be a human player in the arena
- added RA2 "ra_playercycle" option, player cycling where the winner stays and the longest waiting enters as opponent (works in teamplay as well)
- fixed the CTF userinfo bug which caused the bots to shoot at human team mates in CTF mode
- added allow_pause option
- fixed console message heap overflow (allowed bot to read messages faster when they are flooded)
- fixed "help me" crash