"Special Award: Most Impressive Bot!"
Title: Randar's Bot Page The Bot Reviews
Author: Brent "Randar" Phillips
Originally posted at: Randar's Bot Page
Date: 1999
"This Bot RULEZ!"
"9 out of 10"
Title: Gladiator Bot Review
Originally posted at: idFun
Date: 1999
"Most popular Quake II bot,
with excellent navigation and gameplay as a whole."
Title: Gladiator Bot Review
Author: Cube & Ze0
Originally posted at: Bot Epidemic
Date: 1999
"Highly recommend this one for it's human like AI."
"9 out of 10"
Title: Gladiator Bot Rating
Author: jhan
Originally posted at: Bots and TMG MOD Page
Date: 1999
"Not to downplay any of the other bots out
there right now, but I'm very impressed with
the Gladiator bot."
Title: Gladiator Bot Guide
Author: Renegade & Genocyde
Originally posted at: Bot Emporium
Date: 1999
"Greatest programming achievement: the Gladiator Bot.
..this bot is the next generation."
Title: My Favorite Mods
Author: Nusco & TaZ
Originally posted at: Mod Central
Date: 1998
"The new version of the only Quake2 bot
you'll ever need has been released."
Title: Scary's Shuga Shack
Author: Scary
Originally posted at: Scary's Shuga Shack
Date: 1999
"In my opinion, the Gladiator Bot is by far
the best Bot that has appeared for Quake 2."
Title: Quakeadas
Author: -
Originally posted at: Quakeadas
Date: 1999
"The AI is exceptional and makes the soldiers from
Half-Life look like Forest Gump's thick relatives."
Title: Blair's Quake 2 Page
Author: Blair
Originally posted at: Blair's Quake 2 Page
Date: 1998
"It is indisputable, it deserves the title
of the best bot for Quake2."
"It exceeds all its rivals when it comes down to
game strategy, map coverage and intelligence."
Title: Alex's Quake 2 Page
Author: Alex
Originally posted at: Alex's Quake 2 Page
Date: 1998