NuClear Vision

This was a Quake 2 UK clan I was in and we split up a few months ago. I am looking for another Quake 2 clan to join. But they will have to be serious about practices and turning up for games.

For more information go to our web site at


So you want to go online

If you want to know how to play on the net then follow the following steps.


Blair's Guide to get a low Ping

Are you sick of having a ping of 200+ then follow the following advice and you should get your ping down to 120-150, which helps.


Blair's Gide to AI gameing


Eraser Bot

Eraser Bot has a simple, easy to use front end where you set up the game. It supports Capture the flag, deathmatch, deathmatch with teams and single player (select any level easily). The AI of the bots is ok and is good for beginners. If you don't want to go on the net and get completely battered by someone on your first go then I'd recommend it.

Download Eraser Bot

Gladiator Bot

This is for pros only. This is a very good (probably the best) multiplayer simulator I've used. The AI is exceptional and makes the soldiers from Half-Life look like Forest Gump's thick relatives. They hear you, they camp and wait for you to collect your favourite weapon. This is for the hard core Internet gamer who needs to cut down on his phone bill.

Download Gladiator Bot

Download Gladiator Bot front end