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Current Version: 0.9
Author: Mr. Elusive
Guide: Renegade & Genocyde

NOTE: For information on how to use the handy WinBSPC Tool, click on this link (it'll open a new window).

Guide Contents:
Running the Bot
Enabling Xatrix
Enabling Rogue

  Enabling RA2
Enabling CTF
Enabling Teamplay
Console Commands
Console Variables
Hmm... Not much to say here, except damn!
Not to downplay any of the other bots out there right now, but Im very impressed with the Gladiator bot. It has been quite a long while since a bot challenged the status of the Eraser bot, and dare I say that this bot (in my opinion) is better.
Using a completely new navigation system from others, you can tell the the Gladiator bot moves, and feels different from any other bot out there now.  

The installation of this bot is done easily. Once the file is downloaded, simply unzip the bot into your Gladiator directory located in the Quake2 directory (ie. C:\Quake2\Gladiator)
*With the AAS the bot can theoretically play any map ever made.  

Running the bot:
**Please keep in mind, that the
Gladiator! bot launcher and the Bot Johnny launcher both support the gladiator bot, and are recommended as they make setup both faster and easier

Step 1: start Quake2 with the command-line parameter '+set game' followed by the name of the directory where the Gladiator bot is located. In the command-line, you also need to enable DM with bots with the parameter '+set deathmatch 1' (ie. C:\Quake2\Gladiator +set game gladiator +set deathmatch 1).

Step 2: type 'menu' on the console and you can add bots, with the administrator menu. Commands @ the adminstrator menu are:

(Gladiator menu)
Bots - bot menu
Help - menu help
Exit - leave the menu

(Bots menu)
add bot - add a bot from the list
add random - add a random bot from the list
remove bot - remove a bot from the game
remove all - remove all bots from the game
back - back to the gladiator menu

Step 3: you're done! Go ahead and frag a Gladiator!

Enabling Xatrix mission pack 1 "The Reckoning":
Type 'set xatrix 1' on the console and launch the Xatrix map you want to play.  

Enabling Rogue mission pack 2 "Ground Zero":
Type 'set rogue 1' on the console and launch the Rogue map you want to play.  

Enabling RocketArena2:
Type 'set rocketarena 1' and 'set deathmatch 1' on the console. Launch the Rocket Arena map you want to play. Type 'toarena X' on the console to go to the arena you want (X is the number of the arena, 1 or higher, 0 is no arena). Type 'set arena X', where X is the arena you want to spawn a bot. Use the menu to add a bot to the specified arena. Type 'mstart' on the console to start the match. Type 'mstop' on the console to stop a match.  

Enabling CTF:
CTF should be installed in order to play the Gladiator bot with CTF. To play the Gladiator bot with CTF all the Gladiator bot files have to be copied to the CTF directory. At this point you launch CTF as you'd normally do. Type 'set ctf 1' and 'set deathmatch 1' on the console and then start the CTF map you want to play. Use the menu to add bots to the game. The bots will automatically be assigned to the teams.  

Enabling Teamplay:
Teamplay is very fun and addicting, and it's available with the Gladiator bot. Follow these steps to get an adrenaline pumping teamplay game going!

Step 1: Start a Gladiator bot game on your favorite map, but do not load any bots yet (running the bot).

Step 2: Hit the esc key, go to multiplayer, start network server, deatmatch flags.

Step 3: While in the deatmatch flags options find teamplay, change it from disabled to by model.

Step 4: Return to the game. To add a bot to your team go to menu, add bot, and select a bot of the same gender as you. To add bot's to the opposing team, select a bot of the opposite gender. This can be done with skins also but it's easier with models.

Step 5: That's it! You should be getting your ass kicked by now!

Console Commands:
addbot <botlib> <name> <skin> <charfile> <charname>
- add one bot
<botlib> name of the bot library
<name> name of the bot
<skin> skin of the bot
<charfile> file with the bot character
<charname> name of the character
removebot [name] - remove a bot or the bot with the given name
observer toggles - observer mode
observerhelp - displays observer mode help
cyclecam - cycle the camera to the next bot or player
setcam "name" - set the camera to player with name
autocam - enter Automatic Camera mode
teamhelp [name] - ask for help in teamplay
teamaccompany [name] - ask for company in teamplay
mstart - start a match in RA2
mstop - stop a match in RA2
toarena (X) - go to arena X in RA2 mode

Console Variables:
botfile (filename) - sets the file with bots to use in the menu
nochat (0|1) - enable or disable bot chatting
mstart_auto (0|1) - enable or disable auto restarting of match in RA2
noitems (0|1) - enable or disable no items in RA2
autolaunchbspc (0|1) - enable or disable launching WinBSPC automatically
serveronlybotcmds (0|1) - enable or disable the ability to use the bot commands (addbot etc) at the client side
ra (0|1) - enable or disable Rocket Arena
ctf (0|1) - enable or disable CTF
xatrix (0|1) - enable or disable Xatrix mission pack 1
rogue (0|1) - enable or disable Rogue mission pack 2


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