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Quake II Bots

The Quake II bot scene is currently going strong and more bots are appearing in Q2 mods, this is partly thanks to the source code available from a variety of bots which authors can use in their own mods or advance on. The Eraser source is the leading choice at the moment for use in mods.

Website: http://users.jp.tri6.net/~ponpoko
Author: Ponpoko
Version: 1.58
Ponpoko released this bot onto the scene in the first quarter and its popularity has climbed ever since. 3ZB is certainly one of the fastest bots around and achieves good navigation without any use of route-files except in CTF where it uses them to navigate between flags. Interestingly the 3ZB uses monster (rather than client) emulation. This explains the rather basic spawning process. The bot is currently on hold and Ponpoko has moved onto a new mod that will feature a bot.

3ZB II: Rago
Website: http://users.jp.tri6.net/~ponpoko/3zb2/
Author: Ponpoko
Version: 0.96
The follow up to the 3ZB (above). Ponpoko has been working hard and has again created an excellent Quake II bot. Very feature-rich with Ponpoko's own game mode (Zigmode), a variant of 'Capture and Hold' included.

Website: http://www.axionfx.com/ace
Author: Steve 'Meat' Yeager
Version: 0.08
Steve's goal with the ACE was to use it as a testbed for his AI but it is also a very good bot. Recently a new version was released with a slew of new features as well as the source code to the bot.

Website: http://www.telefragged.com/ace
Author: Steve 'Meat' Yeager
Version: 1 I think
Steve took the Eraser source and added it too his own ACE bot to create ACEnEraser, a mod that lets you play both ACE and Eraser bots in the same game. Only one release I think. The files might be available on the ACE site.

Website: Seems to have disappeared
Author: John 'Spartan' Crickett & Steve 'Meat' Yeager
Version: A couple
This was the prelude to ACEnEraser and combined ACE with Spartan's Oak. Again pretty cool, especially if you want to play against two different types of bot. Version available on the Ace site and there may be one on Oak2's site..

Website: http://www.telefragged.com/Q2BotCore
Author: Ben Swartzlander
Version: 0.47
The BastardBot is Ben's own Quake II C-S bot based on his Q2BotCore (see below).

Website: None. Get it @ ftp.cdrom.com/pub/quake2/dlls/bots/borrador-2.0-bin.zip
Author: Siro
An Eraser Bot modification that adds in some new stuff and fixes some of the Eraser's quirks.

Computer Generated Forces
Website: http://www.botepidemic.com/aid/cgf
Author: William van der Sterren
Version: 0.80
Computer Generated Forces (CGF) will bring military style teamplay AI to the Action Quake II mod. The bot uses user-scripted missions for gameplay and has quickly become extremely popular among AQ2 players.

C.R. Bot
Website: http://www.planetquake.com/crbot
Author: Mike Malakhov
Version: 1.14
This bot has been available since the end of December '97 and it progressed to become a very good bot until Mike went on holiday earlier this year. When he returned he decided not to continue with the development of the C.R. The bot uses Client-Emulation and dynamic pathing to give a realistic opposition. When playing on higher skills the bot's will even rocketjump to some items! It's spawning process isn't particularly simple and use of .cfg files helps. First bot to use menu spawning too. C.R. is regarded, together with the 3ZB and Eraser, as one of the top 3 Quake2 bots. C.R. can play Q2DM, Teamplay and Q2CTF (with use of nodemaps).

Website: http://members.xoom.com/markwheeler/games.html
Author: Mark Wheeler
Version: 1.01b
An Eraser modification that includes some new weapons such as a flamethrower and new items e.g. a 'Bat Cable' and hologram. I think 1.01b is more or less final.

Website: http://www.planetquake.com/dronebot
Author: Various, but RiEvEr is the guy doing the bulk (if not all) of the coding.
Version: 0.4
A server-side bot originally from Xoxus that went through various transformations before RiEvEr was taken on board as coder, after which development began to pick up pace. With Beta 1 RiEvEr's work on the DroneBot was done and the amount that he accomplished in the small amount of time he was working on it was rather good. CTF support is now in as well as lots of other features. With RiEvEr now working on his SiN bot the future of the DroneBot may be in doubt.

Website: http://www.endorproductions.com/entron
Author: Entron Team
Version: 1.0
Entron is a new Q2 TC coming from Endor Productions. Recently a technology demo was released, designed to show off the scripting/AI that will be used in the TC. The demo shows a battle between two AI warriors, although they (the Entron team) stress that these are not "bots that are there to simply kick your ass" but have their own weaknesses, logic and such. Interesting. The technology demo weighs in at 11Mb and you can get it from the Entron site.

Website: http://impact.frag.com
Author: Ryan 'Ridah' Feltrin
Version: 1.01
The Eraser was actually created by Ridah to test his navigational code. It was one of the first bots (after Famke and maybe C.R.) available and because it was from the author of Quake Rally and other projects gained immediate attention. Thanks to its navigation and client emulation (from the SABIN project) the bot gives the best simulation of human opponents. Ridah has now stopped development on the bot as he is working for games company Xatrix on their upcoming game 'Kingpin'. The Eraser lives on however in the mod authors who are using the source of Eraser for implementing bots into their own modifications (such as NIQ) or adding to the Eraser source to create new mods (such as EraserULTRA).

Website: http://ultra.quake2.co.uk
Author: AnthonyJ
Version: 0.35
A very nice modification of the Eraser that adds in support for the Lithium mod and a whole host of other features. At the moment the biggest Eraser mod available, and easy to see why. Now has 3TeamCTF support & support for the Xatrix Q2MP. Oodles of options available if you have the time.

Website: http://www.planetquake.com/expert
Author: Max 'Fahrenheit' Lee
A modified Eraser that works with the Expert Quake II mod. The idea of Expert Quake is to reduce the random affect of ping etc. in games to add more skill to Quake2.

Website: http://www.telefragged.com/thefatal
Author: Rich Whitehouse
Version: 6.9
The first ever Quake2 bot (ah nostalgia). The bot was resurrected recetnly and Rich re-coded it with full client-emulation. With the latest release as well as normal deathmatch teamplay is also supported (CTF is in FamkeBot CTF). Rich is also considering doing ports of the bot too other mods (as he's found it has easy portability).

FamkeBot CTF
Website: http://www.telefragged.com/thefatal
Author: Rich Whitehouse
Version: 6.7
A CTF version of the FamkeBot, the main difference being CTF support (obviously).

Website: http://www.botepidemic.com/gladiator
Author: Mr. Elusive (Code & Design), Squatt (Design), MrFreeze (Website) and Squatt
Version: 0.96
From the author of the Quake bot Omicron comes the Gladiator bot. Any number of bots are now available on maps and there are lots of features including normal deathmatch, teamplay, Rocket Arena 2 and CTF support plus support for both of the Q2 mission packs. Bot characters can now be edited (there's a guide on the Gladiator Bot site). Probably now the most popular Quake II bot, with excellent navigation and gameplay as a whole. Unfortunately it looks like 0.96 will be the last ever version though. There are several ports of the bot available (Win32 and two Linux versions at least) and the Gladiator Game Source is also available that allows a coder to insert the bot into their mod (although you don't get access to the actual bot code itself).

Website: http://www.planetquake.com/chaotic
Author: Flash
Version: 1.2
Created as part of ChaosDM of which Flash is head coder. It has had only one release which showed how much work had gone into the bot. The bot uses all the features of the ChaosDM mod and every major ChaosDM release should have an updated Havoc in it. It does use route-files although currently they cannot be manually created. Future releases should address the route-file situation. Havoc will also feature in the next Team Chaotic project, Chaos Arena. The bot will only play ChaosDM (that's what it was created for!). The Havoc bot was also intended for a seperate release but suddenly in late '98 Team Chaotic decided they didn't want to do the mod (or the bot) anymore.

Holywars + ACE Bot Mod
Website: http://www.planetquake.com/redemption
Author: RiEvEr
A little project of RiEvEr's that merges the most recent ACE bot from Steve Yeager with the Q2 version of the HolyWars mod (much the same way that numb's mod merged the Frogbot and the Quake version of Holywars [see Quake Bots page]).

HyperQuake Eraser
Website: http://hyper.telefragged.com
Author: Flash
Version: Final
Modified Eraser added into the HyperQuake mod that makes Quake 'hyper' (i.e. fast). Watch out for the napalm cannon!

Website: http://www.planetquake.com/ice
Author: jibe
Version: 1.0
A relatively new bot from jibe that has gathered a large following. A lot of features (including quite a few unique to the bot) including features such as challenge and training modes, advanced CTF, ICE cam and 'Advanced Information Management'.

LTK (License to Kill)

Website: www.planetquake.com/maxtron/ltk
Author: RiEvEr
Version: 0.16
The LTK bot is designed for use in the Quake 2 modification, Action Quake 2. It currently supports deathmatch and teamply for two teams. It uses route files for navigation and proves a worthy opponent in the game, although the skill level can be changed. If you are a fan of AQ2, check this one out.

Ninja Eraser
Website: http://www.quake2.com/NinjaQ2
Author: eriq@groupsoft.com
Version: Undefined
Ninja Quake2 is a mod that lets you play Quake2 as a Ninja. Therefore Ninja Eraser lets you play Quake2 as a Ninja *and* with Erasers. There is a ctf version available, but I think the CTF version is in with the Eraser version.

NIQ Eraser
Website: http://www.planetquake.com/niq
Author: Mike Fox
Version: 1.95
Mike has added the Eraser into his mod NIQ (No Item Quake[2]). The mod removes all items (hence the name), the server gives each player the same weapon and they play. After a set amount of time the server changes the weapons. Simple as that. You can play NIQDM, NIQTeamplay and NIQCTF with the bots inside the mod.

Oak II Bot
Website: http://www.telefragged.com/oak
Author: John 'Spartan' Crickett
Version: 0.4
The leading non-client bot, in development since around December 1997. Spartan's work on the bot was hindered by his final year at university, then his exams and then work at his new job. Oak II is a good bot and while not as good as the top three q2 bots will still provide a good game. In my opinion the Oak has the best simulation of 2on2 teamplay going. Oak uses route-files (many can be found on Epidemic in the Routes section). Spartan has now put Oak II on hold and has started thinking about Oak III (for Quake 3:Arena). Oak II can play deathmatch and teamplay.

Pandora Bot
Website: http://www.opt-sci.arizona.edu/Pandora
Author: Darrin 'Roark' Cullop
Version: 2.00 Final
The first Quake2 client-side bot. Development has been hindered by new versions of Quake2, some of which changed the checksum code (client-side authors need to know this so their bots can communicate with the server) and therefore stopped the bots working until the checksum code could be figured out again. A lot of stuff planned from Roark for the bot. Roark stated as early as spring '98 (on QuakeCast [now Shooters]) that he would release some of the Pandora's source at some point (but with the checksum code hidden to discourage proxy bot authors).

Quake II Bot Core
Website: http://www.telefragged.com/Q2BotCore
Author: Ben Swartzlander
Version: 0.96
Not actually a client-side bot but a client-side bot base, that provides a dll that you can "make calls to that enable you to connect to and talk to a Quake2 server". Ben's own C-S bot is the BastardBot (see above). The source code to the Q2BotCore is now available.

RA2 Bot
Website: http://www.telefragged.com/oak
Author: John 'Spartan' Crickett
Version: 0.21
A little project of Spartan's that, using the simple tutorial from crt for providing limited RA2 support for a bot (very basic support), created an RA2 playing bot. Was server-side and used SABIN client-emulation. Spartan ended it after not being able to get hold of the RA2 source to enable better intergration into the mod.

Website: http://www.planetquake.com/rail
Author: Sumfuka
Version: 1.2
This is a great little MOD that basically strips you of everything but the Rail Gun. And drops the damage potential down to a quarter of the original. But the emphasis is on accuracy. And you are awarded an assortment of goodies for running 'Streaks' (consecutive hits in a row). Such as temporary invulnerability, or the Grenade Launcher with a limited supply of ammo. Even the BFG, so for a few precious seconds you can extract large amounts of carnage. Or a twin shot linked Rail Gun. (This is of course but a few of the rewards you receive for nailing your opponents consistently). And best of all, its Eraserbot ready! Practice with this. Then jump on a server, and you need nothing but your trusty Rail Gun to rack up the frags.

Website: http://www.emux.com/rambot
Author: Ariel 'KRYPTYK' Mirles
Version: 0.48b
The RAMBOT came onto the Q2 bot scene quite a bit after most of the other bots had been released although development had been going on for longer. RAMBOT was actually KRYPTYK's project for his university AI class but the project ended when the bot reached version 0.45 and the class ended. KRYPTYK now maintains the bot in his spare time away from university. The bot is server-side and a client although configuration of individual bots is not available yet. The next version will be the first to use nodes (although no route-files yet) and will incorporate wandering code and more. Currently RAMBOT plays Q2 deathmatch but an RA2 mode is planned for the future.

Website: http://www.planetquake.com/arena
Author: Defcon-X
Version: 2.2
A modified Eraser that plays RA2. Defcon-X got the RA2 source off crt and the bot is intergrated pretty well into the mod. Development continues. Plays RA2 only.

Website: http://www.planetquake.com/botshop/sabin
Authors: (These are the authors of the SABIN base not all the team members) Terry 'DS' Hendrix, Alan 'Strider' Kivlin, William van der Sterren
Version: Several Seperate Versions
SABIN stands for Special Artificial Bot Intelligence Network. A project setup by DS to pool together bot authors to create a base bot that anyone could then adapt to their needs. The client-emulation from the base is present (in some form) in all of the following bots: ACE, Eraser, RA2 Bot, Spartan Arena Bot. SABIN plays deathmatch and there are versions that play CTF.

Secant Bot
Website: http://www.planetquake.com/tangential
Authors: Anthony 'Tangent-' Yuen
Version: 1.60
Part of the Tangential mod, the Secant bot was started early in '98. The latest (unrealeased and probably the last) version used a very good waypoint system that produced good results with the bot in games. Tangent- unfortunately ran out of free time to work on the code (although I think he was hired to do some bot coding with the Genesis3D engine). Server-side, using his own client-emulation. Tangent- also did some tutorials based around the bot which are available on the mod's/bot's site.

Stool Pigeon
Website: Get it @ ftp.cdrom.com/pub/quake2/dlls/bots/stoolbot.zip
Authors: RottenTurd
A Quake II helper bot to assist you against the Strogg, released in January 1999.

Viking Mod w/Eraser Bot
Website: http://www.planetquake.com/viking
Authors: RaVeN
Version: 1.04
The Viking mod is a server-side mod for Q2 that gives server-ops lots of options to play around with (such as pain skins). Having recently taken over the coding RaVeN decided to add the Eraser bot back into the mod. There are two versions of the mod available, one with the Eraser bot included and one without.

WF Bot
Website: http://www.captured.com/weaponsfactory
Authors: Acrid
Version: 4.2
A modified Eraser that plays Weapons Factory, the CTF mod that uses TeamFortress style classes for each player (which the bot will use). Now fully merged in with the Weapons Factory mod the bot is very popular indeed, and is a recommendation if you want to hone your WF skills.

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