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"My Favorite Mods"

As part of our year-end wrapup, we thought it would be cool to ask many of the webguys and mod developers in the Quake II community what their favorite mods of the year were. We got a LOT of responses, which you can check out below. BIG thanks to everyone who contibuted - I found many of the responses interesting, and I'm sure you will too. :-)


Captured.Com -
  1. Threewave Quake 2 CTF (Zoid's Q2 CTF). It has been a long time since this mod has been updated, but it is still the definitive Quake 2 mod in my mind. With few notable exceptions (LM CTF), Q2 CTF is the codebase upon which virtually every CTF mod for Quake 2 is based.
  2. Loki's Minions CTF. LMCTF may have started as a project to add CTF to Quake 2 while waiting for Zoid, but the mod quickly established itself as a viable option for CTF players. The development of LM CTF has not always been perfect, but the team behind has worked hard to provide CTF fans with a rich and fully developed mod. It is also something of a phenomena: an extremely popular CTF mod that hasn't strayed very far from the original concept of CTF.
  3. Jailbreak. I think Quake Innovations was the first group to add a "jail" to their Paintball mod, but Jailbreak will still be remembered for its originality. Most of the other mods created in the past year have just been recycling ideas from Quake 1 mods. Jailbreak, however, was a unique idea that was implemented flawlessly.
  4. Action Quake 2. As a critic of games, I must admit that I have mixed feelings about Action Quake 2. I really didn't care for most of the levels that were included with the mod. The weapons in Action Quake are fairly well done in terms of modeling, but they don't show a great deal of imagination. That being said, I must admit that I have spent countless hours playing the mod. The A-Team has created the best gameplay in a mod since the original ThunderWalker. The weapons are well-balanced and the added elements (bleeding, special items) make the game extremely addictive.
  5. Weapons Factory. It is ironic that the very first Q2 CTF mod (first release was 1 day after Zoid's) is now the most popular adaptation of Team Fortress for Quake 2. It is the most popular site on Captured.Com and is supported by an amazing number of servers. The Reno Brothers are gentlemen and their team is constantly refining and expanding this great mod.
  6. Eraser Bot. The Eraser Bot was a very pleasant surprise. I was afraid that all of the masters of artificial inelegance from the Quake Community had been abducted by gaming companies. The Eraser Bot was a very strong bot since its first release and has enjoyed well-deserved popularity.
  7. L-Fire CTF. I have a tremendous respect for Kai "L-Fire" Kenner and the L-Fire Development Team. Like Pure CTF for Quake 1, L-Fire CTF is a splendid refinement of CTF. Kai has provided server administrators with unprecedented control over their server and has introduced dozens of very powerful, although subtle, features to the game.
  8. Paintball. I can't think of another mod that has a more polarizing effect on fans as Paintball. Whether you like the original Paintball, or one of the two versions for Quake 2, fans of Paintball show a passionate loyalty that is usually reserved religious crusades.
  9. ThunderWalker. I am sure that I spent more time playing ThunderWalker CTF than any other mod, except for Threewave. The combination of TW and QuakeWorld created the fastest and most fun mod that I can imagine. ThunderWalker II hasn't received the attention it deserves, but the original TW is still going strong.
  10. Battle of the Sexes. Fans of Battle of the Sexes are similar to Paintball fans, except they take their medication. The mod's success is due to Spinoza's original ideas and his willingness to spend time everyday replying to input from players. This has helped to create a devoted following of players who feel, and rightfully so, that they are a part of the development process.


Captured.Com -

  1. L-Fire CTF (what Q2CTF should have been)
  2. Weapons Factory (very nearly #1)
  3. Loki's Minions CTF
  4. Q2CTF (id/Zoid)
  5. Capture! (started off great, has since fizzled :(  )
  6. AllStar CTF (I and II - should really take TWO spots)
  7. Vanilla CTF (gave us all a fix 'til Q2CTF
  8. Pure CTF
  9. Creeper/TWCreeper (so many runes!)
  10. PaintBall 2 (still in beta but huge following)


CTF Survival Guide -

  1. CTF.  Any CTF mod for Quake 2. From Q2CTF level of proffesionality, to ThunderWalker 2's absolute bitchin' levels, to Lasermine's cool new weapons, to Capture's innocative new playing style, to Stand Off's new team objectives, to L-Fire's commitment to quality, Capture the Flag in Quake 2 was the pinnacle of mods this year.
  2. Rocket Arena 2.  What can I say? The maps rock, the code isn't buggy, and this is the best way to spot your deathmatching flaws.
  3. Cry Havoc.  The class based carnage in deathmatch mode and the new teamplay objective's make this a really great mod. It looks very professional, and is a boatload and a half of fun to play.
  4. Chaos DM. I love melee weapons, Like swords and chainsaws, so I keep this mod close to my heart. Not too close, mind you. I might puncture a vital organ or something.
  5. Urban DM.  This mod is a blast to play. I really like the day and night rotation system, and the new weapons and abilties add a bit more strategy to an otherwise bland deathmatch.
  6. Super Heroes 2.  Before I got into all this gaming stuff, I was really big into comic books. Super Heroes was one of the first mods I ever played, and it rocks. While it lacks some of the professional looks of other mods, it makes up for it with the fun factor.
  7. Catch the Chicken.  This mod is a blast. It would be more fun if you could bop people on the head with the chicken, but hey, it's still fun.
  8. NIQ.  This mod provides an interesting twist by remmoving all the items. It focuses more on skill than item control, which I really like. It weeds out the Quad freaks from the people with skillz.
  9. Duel.  While this is a very simple mod, just allowing for one on one play, the announcer-type messages it displays make this one damn cool mod.
  10. Capture The Teletubbies.  While this mod has't even been offically annouced yet, several people have expressed interest in doing it (Who read the Team 3 interview? =) This mod holds the most promise of any mod ever released. If any brave mod author is willing to step forward and take on the challege of making a mod like this, please contact Kerbuffel, and he'll tell you that this last part was a joke.


Chris Longden
PlanetQuake -

  1. Rocket Arena 2. The Mod that got me fixed on QuakeWorld kept me fixed on Quake II, a timeless classic. CRT I hate you for destroying my life =)
  2. Chaos DM. Loads of great new weapons that aren't too over the top make this an amusing and exciting alternative.
  3. QPong. Innovative, different, a barrel of laughs. Not hard to see why this won the PCGamer contest.
  4. Weapons Factory. The best CTF variant around by a long way, the class system means there are so many different ways to play you can never really exhaust this mod.
  5. L-Fire CTF. A great extension to Zoid's CTF with things like the invulnerability code and anti-spamming. The fact that there are no seperate downloads for the mod itself meant that servers sprang up hard and fast.
  6. Action Quake 2. Arguably the most popular Quake2 mod, and all i can say is 'bring it on for Half-Life!' It will be interesting to see what they come up with here and whether they can replicate the feel with the HL engine.
  7. Zoid's Q2CTF. Zoid's CTF maps are a cut above the rest, I can't wait for the release of his new map pack coming very soon he assures me.
  8. Loki's Minions CTF. The first CTF mod I played for Quake2, loads of cool maps which is what really makes a mod great for me.
  9. Jailbreak. Two words: Weird and wonderful. An interesting twist on teamplay this one, and a lot of fun.
  10. Assimilation. I'm a fan of The Borg. What Can I say? 'Resistance IS futile!'


TeleFragged, ValveWorld -,

  1. Action Quake 2
  2. QPong
  3. Rob The Strogg
  4. LMCTF
  5. Weapons Factory
  6. Freeze Tag
  7. Rocket Arena 2


Redwood's 3D News -

Mostly my favorite is Rocket Arena 2. :)


Scott "Scoots" Smith -

  • Zoid's Q2 CTF
  • Lithium
  • South Park Quake II (of course)
  • Action Quake

I'll always prefer "raw" Q2 deathmatch over anything, at least until Q3 arena ;)


WarZone -

Well, Rocket Arena 2 was really fun, so that would be one, and Freeze Tag was really cool. Of course Navy SEALs, because I helped on that one :)  And as much as I hate to say it, Action Quake was pretty good.

Capture The Flag and all the different flavors of it are classics. The most anticipated mod in my view was TF2, but then it changed over to Half-Life, and now a full game. Oh well :)


NetGuy  -

The mod I've been playing the most is Lithium II, because that's what's run on my ISP's Q2 server.  I've always been a big fan of LMCTF and the Eraser Bot though :)


PlanetUnreal  -

  • The Quake II mods: Holy Wars, Crush Depth
  • The Unreal mods: UNLoaded, Jihad, and I am looking forward to the "Day of the Tentacle" mod :)


Rocket Arena 2 Inside & Out  -

  1. Rocket Arena 2. Yeah... big surprise eh? Come on, face it... no other mod can literally support as many as 8 (and possibly more) individual gaming areas on a single map. Not only that, but 1 on 1 play right along side Teamplay at the same time? The feature list is beyond the bounds of this description paragraph... needless to say this game is the shiznit in every sense of the word. And if you need tips on how to play effectively, feel free to stop by my webpage at http://ww.... er... nah, that would be to easy. ;)
  2. Action Quake 2. What would a Q2 Mod Top 10 be without a mod where you can act like John Woo and go at someone akimbo style? Not only that, but the sound of noggin cracking due to a head shot is reason enough to love this mod. Add in some lethal falling damage, a sawed-off double barrel, and throwing knives... and this Total Conversion is top notch. Some of the best hand models EVER (if you use that sort of thing). They've even added RA2 Pickup style teamplay!
  3. OnTheWay with Beginner Empathy. Woah... this isn't a mod, is it? Not really... it's a Server Front End program (that is actually quite cool)... but what is so cool is one of the features: Beginner Empathy. You see, the server is constantly comparing you to other players in the game. If you top the frag list, and you shoot the poor bastard on the BOTTOM of the frag list... it might take 2 BFGs and 4 Railgun shots to kill him... and on that same note, it might take 2 blaster shots from him to kill YOU... even with 200 armor! HUGE at LAN parties where not everyone is Thresh... if you know what I mean.
  4. QPong: It's more of a sport than a Quake 2 mod... Big rolling balls of death being pushed, rolled, and shot across the map to the opponent's goal... and across the opponents themselves if they don't look out. Color commentary in a Q2 Mod? Yep. Good stuff.
  5. Jailbreak. This one works on so many levels. Get killed, go to jail. Kill your enemies, they go to jail. Kill everyone on a team, and the entire team eats it, while the other team racks up the points. It's Team DM with the secondary goal of keeping your teammates out of prison.
  6. SuperHeroes II.  SH1 was a big favorite of mine back in the days of NetQuake LAN parties... so I knew this one was going to be a big hit... and it was all that and more. From the 3 categories of superpowers, to the Triple Powers that allow you to have "special" setups... this one is hysterical. Another LAN Party hit.
  7. King of the Hill. Ahh... the camper's dream game. Get to the "Hill" and then see if you can rack up the most time on it... all the while racking up the kills as well. Some pretty nifty custom maps come with this one too.
  8. Qwar2: I had to give this one a nod... I mean... its a real-time strategy game... you know, like Warcraft and the like? Except instead of Ogres and Elves, its the Stroggos Monsters from Q2 Single Player! Everything from resource management, to quick assaults, to huge defenses... all the elements from the good RTS's are there.
  9. Catch the Chicken. This one is a real hit at LAN parties. One guy grabs a chicken and runs like hell. Basically it's "King of the Hill" except you grab the "Hill" by the neck and move it around, while at the same time you can't shoot anything. The fear of death strikes hard when every other player on the map is out to kill YOU and YOU alone.
  10. Rail Arena.  You start with the Railgun, but then, everyone else does too. No other weapons allowed (unless you get one in a "prize" after scoring 5 hits in a row without missing). The rail only does 25 damage, but you get a frag for every tag... points mount up quick, and so does the chaos. Not recommended for anything but LPBs (read: LAN party). You can't beat the fact that it's serverside only, either.


The Bind -

  1. Rocket Arena 2.  Great for 1 on 1 and there's nothing like the feeling of winning the game for your pickup team with a   spinning-falling-off-the-ledge-50point-rail. The maps are great and crt did a good clean job of programming. The few bugs that turned up were looked into and fixed quickly.
  2. Q2CTF.  The original...Zoid's CTF...And IMHO, the best. The Grapple is a bit slow, even though it fits the q2 slower gameplay, but that barely detracts from the game. Long live the AutoDoc!
  3. Lithium II.  Runes in DM work, as well as the off-hand grapple, the best hing since "impulse 22", and its customizability makes for some very interesting games.
  4. LMCTF.  Off-hand Grapple and really cool maps are just a couple of the things that make this mod a very fun one to play.

I would also like to say that the mod I am most looking forward to when it's completed is Generations. That's gonna rock!


The Rainbow Bridge -

Let's see.. my favorite mods of this year.... of course LMCTF is #1, that goes without saying.  :) My other favorite is Catch the Chicken. It is very fun to play, and it makes for a nice break from the norm. You can't help but laugh when you hear the chicken clucking, or realize that the object of the game is to grab the chicken and run like hell. I just wish there were more servers running it.


Driven [D!]
The Boomstick Joint -

  1. LMCTF. The one and only. I used to play Q2CTF too, but after a while, I just copied the Q2CTF pak into my LMCTF dir and played the maps like that.
  2. Stand: the Merge of Powers. This mod is still in the test phase, but is really a lot of fun to play.
  3. Chaos DM. There are so many new weapons that it is just a matter of time before you find the perfect one for you. As soon as there is a gun for everyone in a mod, everyone starts to like it because they know what weapon is 'theirs, and then they play and play...
  4. Rocket Arena 2. Well umm, what can I say? It's Rocket Arena! Still tons of fun to play and with all those maps, you can't go wrong.
  5. AllStar CTF. I know that AllStar is mainly a mixture of mods, but something that just really stuck with me about this one is the maps. The maps included with Allstar is some of the best that I have seen in a long time.
  6. Red Rover. I played this one with a whole bunch of players on a LAN party a while ago, and it was just so much fun.
  7. Lithium. Mmmm yeah. Lovit. Pumpin' up the SSG. Yeah.
  8. Holy Wars. It's something like Red Rover where everyone goes after one guy, but it is just a little less complicated. We had plenty of fun with HW the past couple of months.
  9. Superheroes 2. Yes! We used to play this one a lot some time ago and it was great fun. Even after all the games that I have played, I still havn't made my mind up about which powers I want most.
  10. King of the Hill. I guess that I liked KOTH long before the days of Q2, so it is always welcome. Although I have been having plenty of trouble to actually stay on the hill. I usually just stand far away and snipe everyone on the hill. Hehe. I just can't handle the stress of the hill doctor, and I like pink!


The Boomstick Joint -

  1. Q2CTF - i may stray every now and then but i always come home. i'm a sux0r for the classics. thanks Zoid.
  2. Lithium - take one part Q2CTF add a 25 grains of Lithium and whalla! instant happyness, almost beats my homemade prozac (wild turkey, jack daniels, vanilla icecream and a ballpeen hammer. mmm mmm... can you say wild weekend?)
  3. LMCTF - now that i have my 12 MB monster i can actually play it. offhand grapple r0x0rs
  4. UrbanDM - thanks to kerbuffel, i have found joy in death match.
  5. ThunderWalker - sp00n!
  6. Predator - too bad it's dead. i was really l00king forward to the predator visualization in Quake Arena.
  7. RA2 - what can i say, the rocket launcher is my weapon 'o' choice (even at close range :)
  8. CAPTURE! - a little one on one is a nice distraction.


7  3/4 Reviews -

  1. Gloom beta
  2. QPong
  3. Eraser Bot w/ Q2CTF (awesome combo!)
  4. Action Quake2
  5. Jailbreak
  6. Eraser Bot (regular deathmatch or teamplay)


CTF Central -

  1. LMCTF.  One of the most polished and popular CTF mods out there. With 20 maps and the ability to play the single player ones it's pretty hard to get bored of. As well, the team radio and local voice sounds are very well done and aid alot to the teamplay of CTF. You can't basically go wrong with this mod (if you can deal with the HUGE filesize of course!!)
  2. Action Quake 2. Though it's not CTF, it's still a great mod. This is one of the most popular mods out there with 130+ servers. It adds realism to q2 by adding location based damage, and realistic weapons. This is a can't miss mod, though it can be frustrating for a newbie jumping into a game
  3. Rocket Arena 2. The simple concept of RA makes it one of the most popular and fun mods out there. The maps are very professional and gameplay is intense. This mod really helps to improve your DM skills and you'll have alotta fun in the process.
  4. Lithium.  This mod adds some simple things to a regular dm that make it just more fun to play, including runes, a grapple and server admin stuff. This is the most popular mod out there and it doesn't require a client side download so there is no excuse not to play it! And in addition, they added CTF support so you can play CTF without a d/l on single player maps as well! This mod is just a blast and it makes regualr dm a heck of a lot more interesting to play.
  5. Weapons Factory.  A great class based CTF mod ala Teamfortress for Q1 that has a large following. There is huge amount of quality levels and the updates and patches for it never stop coming. (Do they every sleep??) The classes are very well balanced and one doesn't really overpower the other, this mod is very well done and fun to play.
  6. Zoid's CTF. Yeah i'm really sad to see this mod so far down my list but it really deserves to be here, and it's likely on here because it's an official id product and has a lot of people playing it. The maps are fairly well done (tho has just cut and paste from a sp map and another was just a single player map with CTF ent's added) This is the mod that really turned me onto CTF and can be very fun to play if you find a server that had well organized and balanced teams.
  7. L-Fire CTF. This mod is very similar to lithium but it's for CTF. It adds a very nifty team balancing feature that won't let a team cap the flag if they have too many players than the other. Also, overtime, zbot detection and BFG Banning all make this the perfect mod for any CTF server.
    In addition, they recently released a 3 map pak of excellent maps that can be played on any ctf server, a great mod.
  8. Chaos DM.  A great mod that adds new weapons, powerups, other items and some pretty nice maps to a regular dm to make it much more fun to play. The weapons are modeled beautifuly and are just fun to use (my fav is the Bastard Sword :-) if you haven't tried this mod you are really missing something cool.
  9. Expert Quake.  This mod really separates the men from the boys (so to speak) and puts a strong emphasis on pure skill. Lifts are removed, you have a handy grapple and the server can decide what weapon you spawn with including other features. also, there is a ctf flavour that is also great. It's serverside and alotta fun to play and will really help to improve your dm skills.
  10. NIQ.  Last but not least, this mod may not be the most popular out there but the idea is fun and unique and it will really force you to be a good player with all the weapons (personally, it helped me my crappy RG shot to go with my 300+ ping). The weapons change at a pre-determinded time and everyone is on an even level with each other. Again, this mod is also server side and great to play.


David "crt" Wright
developer, Rocket Arena 2 -

  • Best models and sound: Capture the Chicken
  • Best 25v25 Lan Party mod: Kick (with all weapons on)
  • Best 2v2 Team Mod: Action Quake (on actcity2)
  • Best CTF Mod: L-Fire


developer, A-Team (Action Quake2) -

  1. Rocket Arena 2.   The ultimate way to play Q2DM... whether its a pickup team game at the Action Quake LANs or a 1on1 competition to see who's best, this is how we do it at the A-Team. We "borrowed" some ideas from them for teamplay, and it's author, crt, was kind enough to help us out with the camera code.. great guy, great mod..

Honorable Mention: Action Quake2.. I play this the most, but I'm kinda biased, so I won't include it... =)


developer, A-Team (Action Quake2) -

  1. Rocket Arena 2.  Next to Action Quake this was the main game at our LAN parties. It of course also helped provide the inspiration for some features in AQ2 Teamplay, and crt was kind enough to help us with the code.
  2. LMCTF. None of the rest of the team was much into CTF games, but this one really kept my attention. I loved the maps, I could always find a great server, and the players simply seemed better than in id's CTF. But 'The Machine' still gives me vertigo.
  3. CHAOS DM.  Wow, I never really learned this one to it's full potential, there was just so much to know about the weapons. And that was one of the great parts of it... when playing this on our lans there would always be someone who found a new feature on a weapon and the rest of the match was spent trying to figure out how to do it ourselves. And the bastard sword rocked!

Honorary Mention: BraZen


Steve "SteQve" Christey
developer, TagYerIt -

Any sufficiently dedicated (or unbalanced) mod author is too busy making their own mods to have much time to check out anybody else's ;-)

That said, the few times I played Freeze Tag, I had a good time, though it was frustrating to be frozen so much because I'm a bad player ;-) I played HeadHunters once, and it was fun and frantic. I also played Q2CTF a few times while researching for Crystal Conflicts - I'd never played team games before. I sucked too much to be of any real assistance to my teammates ;-) I also played Action Quake once, but ultimately it was too difficult for me as a keyboard llama. I also did a quick beta test one time for Weapons of Destruction. The new super-powered weapons were amazing to watch, but I'm not really into new-fangled weapons (think "no frills" ;-). I also thought that many of the server configuration mods (e.g. ServerConfigMOD, Viking, and Lithium) greatly enhanced the playing experience, and I liked the amount of flexibility they gave to server ops. The Q2 maze generator that generated maps on the fly was an interesting idea, but at the time I used it, it required more user intervention than I wanted.

The only mod I ever played regularly, though, was TagYerIt. Sure, it's self-promotion, but I always got a kick out of playing it. The pace was fast and furious. Seeing "It" being chased down by 10 players and rapidly changing hands was always a great rush. Going for the frag bonus when you were running out of time was maddening if you couldn't find anyone, and exhilarating if you heard that airplane rushing by with your hard-earned bonus :) You were always caught in a precarious position with other players - it was like you were on a team with other Nits against that one It, hearing each other's footsteps as you tracked down the enemy, but you were ultimately on your own in the hunt. I never got to play Holy Wars, but it was interesting to see how the rules evolved to handle a different style of gameplay.

In the "damn I wish I thought of that" category are QPong, Gloom Keep, Crush Depth, and the mod where you shot an air gun at opponents to push them down a pit. In the "damn I thought of it but didn't have time" were Red Rover and Assimilation, each of which did a better job than I would have.


Nusco & TaZ
developers, Holy Wars -

Q2CTF is still the best of the bunch for us. It's slick and clean, and incredibly funny to play. Standard deathmatch grew old, as did most mods. The basic CTF, on the other hand, is still a blast after all this time.

Greatest programming achievement: the Gladiator Bot. From a technological point of view, this is by far the best bot we've ever seen - we were waiting for something like it, but we didn't think it was so near. Maybe it's too late to beat the Eraser into the hearts of players, but believe us: this bot is the next generation.

But our greatest respect goes to those little, unassuming mods that did their job without trying to change the world. We need more mods like the Standard Log (a GibStats-related project) and VWep. Players might even ignore they exist, but they're the bricks on which a real community of mod makers can be built.


Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin
author, Eraser Bot,; developer, Xatrix

My favourite mods:

  • Q2CTF
  • Lithium
  • Rocket Arena 2


Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford
creator, Zumlin, Morbo PPMs,

Since I can't play games over the net I really haven't played many mods at all. The one I played the most was actually Eraser, and subsequently CTF since Eraser supports it. So those are the only mods I've played for Quake2! I used to download just about every single player map from, however, and a couple of my favourite map sets were The Powersphere Quest and 1964.


developer, Digital Paint -

  • Digital Paint Paintball II (of course... even tho it's not done, it's still the most fun :)
  • Chaos was pretty fun at LAN parties, but too laggy to play online.
  • Generations was fun, tho it was a bit disappointing that it took so long to make something that it seems one could make overnight, since all they did was combine stuff other people had already made...
  • Lithium was good. I prefer it over standard DM.


developer, Digital Paint -

Personally, my favorite is naturally Digital Paint. Other than that however, I do play a bit of Weapons Factory, and did get into Action Quake a while back.


developer, Dteam -

Favorite mods for 1998: (tied between and in NO particular order)

  • Action Quake 2 (dm)
  • Zoid's Q2CTF (with any CTF map I could find -- specially Allstar2 or ThunderWalker2 maps)
  • Eraser Bot ( Best dang level design tool out! Cept for Quark. =)
  • Lasermine CTF
  • 4-Team CTF
  • AllStar 2

Most anticipated mod 1998: RealCTF (still not out but _nearly done_)


developer, Team Reaction -

For Quake 2, my favs were Action Quake and QPong. For Quake 1, Team Fortress, no contest. :)


developer, Jailbreak -

Well I assume I can't pick JB, but what the hell.   :)

  1. Action Quake 2
  2. Gloom
  3. Q2CTF
  4. Lithium
  5. Eraser Bot
  • Honorable Mention :)  : JailBreak


developer, Team Reaction -

My 1998 Top 3 for Originality and Gameplay:

  • Rocket Arena 2 (Good coding, cool level, and original)
  • Catch The Chicken (that is the fun fun fun MOD i played in my life)
  • Q2CTF (The most original and mother of almost all teamplay mod)

(& Jailbreak, Qpong of course =])

developer, Rail Arena -

  • Q2CTF.  Perfect down to every detail. Can't really say much more! Gotta love the way the flags flutter in the wind...
  • QWar2.  The boldest attempt to merge a completely different genre (strategy) into quake2. And accomplished very well!
  • Rail Arena.  Nothing gives you a greater headache than 2 solid hours of railing eheh :P


developer, GibStats II -

Best mod for me by far is Holy Wars. Very little was changed for HW, the idea is simple. You can play it already with 3 players and the tag style game brings another dimension to fragging. We had great fun on many LAN parties.

Generations is not bad but not finished, hard to say what it will look like in the end. Gladiator looks promising. Certainly GibStats is pretty amazing as well (just kidding).


The Ant Farm -

  1. Action Quake 2
  2. Rocket Arena 2
  3. Loki's Minions CTF
  4. ThreeWave CTF


Bot Epidemic -

  • Eraser Bot
  • CRBot
  • 3ZB Bot
  • ICE Bot
  • Gladiator Bot
  • CHAOS Deathmatch
  • Digital Paint
  • Headhunters2
  • Q2CTF
  • Rail Arena


Bot Epidemic -

  • Best Mod: Action Quake 2
  • Runners Up: Any bot (they are all great achievements ;)), ChaosDM, RailArena


Doyoon Kim
developer, Kick  -,

My favorite mods of 1998 are Action Quake 2, Duel, and Rocket Arena 2. And these aren't mods that I just think are cool and neat. I really love playing them. :)


Daniel "Trebz" Nolan
mapper, Twisted Matrix, Sepulchre -,,

In no particular order:

  • LMCTF.  It's just such an excellent mod, and i cant stop playing it.
  • QPong.  It's just so much fun, you can't beat it.
  • Rob The Strogg. What kinda list would it be if I didnt add a mod I was part of? :-)
  • Kick.  Hey, it's football, in quake2, it's damn good fun.
  • Lithium.  An excellent server side DM mod, just excellent.


developer, Generations -

I'm disregarding Generations (since it is obviously the greatest mod of all time *grin*)

  1. Rocket Arena 2
  2. Q2CTF   (K.I.S.S. theory in action there)
  3. QPong   (You'd never expect to have so much fun playing pong!)


developer, Generations -

For Quake2 it's just Rocket Arena 2 for me :-)  I still play some Doom2 and Quake DM / Rocket Arena when I get a chance though. Fun!


developer, Faith -

  • Deathmatch: Rocket Arena 2 and Stand (so many cool weapons)
  • Teamplay: Q-Pong
  • Server Side: Rail Arena

Of course "Faith CTF", "Faith DM" and "Faith Betrayer" will always be high up there for one obvious reason. :)


developer, Freeze Tag -

My favorite mods are Zoid's Q2CTF, JailBreak, and Weapons Factory. I just love any mod that offers good HUGE teamplay....two groups duking it out...with lots of strategy (if possible)...heh, with my mod, I dunno if there's much strategy.


developer, CHAOS DM -

The only mod I played for real all year other than Chaos was QPong - that was the most original and fun mod I ever played (besides Chaos...hehe).


Michael "MaNiAc" Turitzen
winner of Mod Central's Q2:Extremities contest

  1. Rocket Arena 2
  2. Action Quake 2
  3. Lithium
  4. QPong
  5. AirQuake 2
  6. Gladiator Bot
  7. Eraser Bot
  8. Loki's Minions CTF
  9. Generations
  10. Superheroes 2


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