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In this article or editorial if you'd like, i'll try as good as i can to tell you who go to a LAN party, how to do it, and also why not go ;-) I'll also tell you a bit about some places here in Norway, where you can rent a computer for a night. Well, we better get started, then!

Omicron Bot: Reaper-Killer? | An Editorial by legion

I have received word that it is unfair to say that the Omicron bot is a reaper-killer without mentioning the fact that the reaperbot itself is an unfinished product that is nowhere near completion. As a great philosopher once said, "not so fast my friend."

Yes, it is true that the reaperbot is unfinished. But since Steven Polge, author of the bot, will no longer work on the bot and wishes that nobody else release an improved version of the bot, then it is safe to say that v0.81 of the reaperbot is the completed product. True, Polge still wanted to add features and correct bugs but since he will not do any of these things (or allow someone else to do them), then the product as it stands is a completed product.

To help you understand, consider this. Quake is an unfinished product as well. Can you crouch? Can you see through water? But iD is no longer working on Quake. They are now working on Quake II--which is a "Quake-Killer" and the first (if all goes to plan) "quake-killer" to be released. Some feel defensive of the reaperbot because Polge was not the one who delivered a "reaperbot-killer" like iD delivered (or soon deliver) a quake-killer. I do not see anyone complaining that it is unfair to say that Quake II is a quake-killer since Quake is an unfinished product. Nope, I do not. Just because Mr. Elusive and not Mr. Polge was the first to deliver a better bot, it does not follow that his creation does not deserver the title of "reaper-killer". It does.

Now some will change the subject a little by arguing that if Polge had the time, he would have improved the bot a little bit. True, if he only had the time but what is stopping him from allowing others to improve it? After all, there are bots today that were originally derived from BGBOt or TMBot, etc. And, whether you want to admit it or not, the reaperbot is somewhat famous for its disappearing weapons bug--a bug that is hard to find in other bots. The reaperbot itself doesn't make a jumping sound when it jumps! These two things require a total of 2 to 3 lines of code to correct. That is, by adding 2 or 3 lines, 2 bugs will disappear. How much time do you think it will take to make this correction? A new version, v0.82, will take no time at all to be released PLUS it will give Polge the opportunity to inform everyone that he was hired by Unreal. If it wasn't for news sites, I would never have known this. Moreover, he will also have the opportunity to tell everyone that he does not want any e-mail concerning the bot since he will no longer work on it. Many of us have heard stories of e-mails to Polge being ignored. Those stories are true.

In comparing the reaperbot to the omicron (which is also an unfinished product),
Omicron is a reaper-killer!

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