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Saturday, December 13, 1997
Ugh. My ISP has been having some SERIOUS problems lately, so I can't do any real updating. I was lucky just to get this one file in. Hopefully the problems will be resolved by tommrrow, and I can finally upload the next episode of the Micro Film, which will have some never-before-seen shots of a few of the models that Privateer is working on (ooh!). Oh, and after reading Brian Hook's latest .plan update, let me be the first to say I REALLY want one of those Voodoo2 cards. Hope I'm back in the land of the living with you tommrrow. [Red Knight]
Thursday, December 11, 1997
Micro Film Delay
I'm tied up with Real Life stuff right now, so the next epsiode of the Micro Film won't be posted until tommorrow. [Red Knight]

New Screenshots
Just finished updating my .pp and the shots page. There are now six new screenshots from the current Tatooine level, including one of the Cantina. [Jizzlobber]
Wednesday, December 10, 1997
UK PCZone Shot
Drywall here. Thanks to Alan Kivlin, I snagged a screenshot from the UK PCZone CD which profiled us. Click here to see what they say. [Drywall]
Tuesday, December 9, 1997
Bystander Bot1.0
Chris Hodge finished version 1.0 of the Bystander Bot recently, and I just checked it out. It's working quite well so far. The test level full of grunts had them all sort of pacing the room until you shoot them, and then they ran across the room. Looks like this will be quite a useful tool in our levels. [Drywall]

Quake2 Release!
Yes, Quake2 has finally been released in the US. Check any site that has anything to do with Quake to verify this. My .PP will be updated within the next hour or so with some kick ass prototype textures.[PsycoMage]

I just got the new hands.mdl model from the FTP, which Thump has finished skinning for us. It looks really great, and this means that we'll be able to finish up the skins on the blaster rifle and pistol now. I also tried the latest code for the Patrol Droid from ShockMan, which is really coming along nicely. One last thing. EleCtRiC updated his .PP with some info on the new status bar graphics. [Red Knight]

Omicron Update
I'm still playing around with the now-famous Omicron bot, though to answer the question a few of you have been asking, no the bot will not be included in SWQ. That's what our "dream team" coding dept. is for (nothing like a little pressure, right guys? ). If you haven't got this bot yet, be sure that you do. I ran it through a couple of the more complex SWQ levels, and it most definitely did deliver the goods, as well as rocket, nails, etc. all into my hide. One thing I did notice however was the bots inability to cope with some of the more complex level features. Now, one cannot expect a bot to be coded for everything, as that would be impossible, but I did notice this. For example, at one point there might be a func_pain entity below a catwalk. If the bot jumps off, it will be killed. Sure enough, every time I dealt enough damage to a bot on a catwalk, down it would jump. Another location I noticed this as was in an elevator. The bot would sit and wait for the elevator to go up or down, run out, but then turn around and run right back in, never leaving unless I provoked it to come out by shooting it. As I said, I didn't really expect the bot to be able to cope with a situation like that, and the fact that I did notice this is a testament to the great work the Omicron team has done. I played this bot with some friends of mine on our network, and when I saw one of the bots doing the elevator thing I mentioned earlier, I asked, "Why is he doing that? Oh, that's a bot". A tip o' the hat to Mr. Elusive and the rest of the Omicron team on a job well done.[Red Knight]

Sites of Interest
I've come across a lot of people who still don't know about some of the best Quake-related sites out there on the net, so I'll post a couple of links to them here. First off is Game-Wire, which is THE site for game-related news. It's the home of the Great News Guru Prophet, and seems to be updated constantly. Another great site, is Slipgate Central. This has to be the largest and easiest to use first-person gaming link repository on the net. If you don't know the URL of a site, Slipgate Central is the place to go. Finally, one of my favorite sites, which is also home to some members of our coding dept. is Inside 3D. This last site not only posts a lot of Quake-related news, but also has a huge wealth of information regarding programming for all first-person 3D games out there. Be sure to check it out.[Red Knight]
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Due to some communication blackouts caused by the server problems, we were out of touch with everyone for a while, so progress on Prelim 2 has slowed. We'll release it on December 23rd no matter what, but expect an update about a week after that as well. I recieved ShockMan's chase cam code, and it's looking really good, with a couple of features you don't normally find in chase cams. I also got the latest update of Privateer's PHIL model, which is a definite improvement, and is heading off to the skins and coding depts. right now. Privateer also has some exciting plans for the Stormtrooper model he's working on, which I think you'll like. [Red Knight]

Omicron Bot
Wow. This thing is really amazing. This has to be the most lethal bot I've played against. Watching them learn the level is truely and amazing experience. You can get it from our site here (963k). You won't regret the download time. [Red Knight]

DM Level
Avalanche released a non-SWQ DM level on his .PP (.Personal Page, our term for "fake .plan"). [Red Knight]

Site Stuff
Sorry about the lack of updates, Real Life's been keeping me busy. I've given the other members access to this page, so they can also update, and I really hope they will. Also moved some of the news to the Old News section. [Red Knight]
Thursday, December 4, 1997
Micro Film 5
The fifth episode of the Micro Film has been posted on it's page. [Red Knight]

Omicron Bot
The long-awaited Omicron bot has been released to the public. I just downloaded it myself, so I haven't had time to test it out yet. I'll post my comments here tommrrow. [Red Knight]

Site Stuff
Sorry for the delay on the update tonight, but Telefragged has been having some problems as of late. Also, I've givin the other member's access to the site, so hopefully they'll start using it to update more often than I do. One last note, yes the counter was somehow reset, so that as of yet unannounced fifty thousand hit event I was planning will have to be put off that much longer... [Red Knight]
Wednesday, December 3, 1997
Quake 2 Clarification
Just to clear up a few things. First, the TC will only be ported to Quake 2 if certain conditions are met, one of the most important being that the delay can be no more then one month. Also, for those of you worried that Quake 2 will run slower on your system then Quake, based on the q2test id put out, remember that q2test was not optimized at all, and the retail version of Quake2 will run much faster.

Johan Uijtenbroek sent in an email with the info that PCZone put on their cover CD about us. Here's a portion of that email:
  They start by saying that they have some info and screenshots of commercial and copyright infringing TCs they sadly couldn't include on their CD. Then, after clicking on "A look at some of the best and some of the more imaginative TCs": 

Star Wars: Call of the Force: 
This is one TC we've high hopes for. 
Already the Beta demo has Stormtroopers, blasters and a lightsaber. 

After clicking on "Screenshots" they continue with: 
This TC really rocks. Take a look at the screenshots : the attention to detail is unbelievable. Some of the locations are actually recognizable from the films. Quake's moody engine with its lightning effects should make for an excellent TC.  
(providing it makes it past LucasArts team of lawyers, that is) 

They conclude with 8 screenshots from your screenshotspage.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997
Quake 2
Wow! If you haven't already, check out the online version of the Quake 2 Manual. This thing is really neat. By now, I'm sure you've all heard the game has gone gold, and personally, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Also, if we can easily convert things from Quake 1 to Quake 2, this may end up being a Quake 2 TC after all...
Monday, December 1, 1997
Just got a new model from Privateer. This one's the Speeder Tank. It's a transport/assault vehicle that uses repulsorlifts for propultion. Another effect is that you can shoot off the individual guns to cripple instead of completely destroy the tank.

Prelim 2
We're back in action here at Star Wars Quake HQ, and working hard to get Prelim 2 out on time. I've set the final work date as the 21st, so expect the Prelim to show up sometime soon after. I'm going to go ahead and say that Prelim 2 will be released on the 23rd. Here's what's planned to be included:
- All weapons except the lightsaber
- The current version of all the Tatooine levels
- Jawas
- Sandtroopers (the actual new model, not just skins)
- Bith bystanders, more to be implemented at a later date.

PCZone Blurb
I heard that the TC got a blurb in the UK PCZone magazine cover CD. If anyone knows what was said about us (should be just a little blurb), please email me with the info.
Old News
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