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Omicron Bot Review

Omicron Bot written by Mr. Elusive

Review By: Ze0
Version Number: 1.02 (final)
Rating: 84%
High Points: Weapon Disabling, Hearing, Combat, Dynamic Level Learning
Low Points: Bot makes silly mistakes sometimes.

While the Omicron Bot is no longer in development and was left to rest in March earlier this year, it is still installed on many peoples computers. Although this bot doesn't top the Reaper bot, which is probably the most intelligent piece of work ever created by a bot author, it is still a very sophisticated bot.

Once you fire up the Omicron Bot and start playing then you know you have to start moving quickly before the bot starts to dominate the level and have you under control, this bot is an extremely smart bot and it takes a lot to outsmart it. I played the bot for around about 10 minutes or so and came out with a score like (Me: 12 Bot: 23), this is most likely because I don't play much Classic Quake and am more addicted to Quake2 bots. My point being that I don't play with the keyboard, so the bot must be pretty good.

It moves with slick movements and it actually feels like a human player, many bots try to incorporate this feeling but not many succeed, it doesn't jump all over the place and use unrealistic velocity movements it speeds around corners with precision. It doesn't take the bot long to learn a level and know it inside out, once you have played a level and the bot knows the level reasonably well you can take the information and put it into the BSP, so that the bot doesn't have to learn the level again each time you play the level. Smart eh?

The bot is hard to shake off your tail once he has you in his sights, this is where the biggest problem I found is. I'm racing around a corner, heart pounding rapidly and the bot is on my tail at full pursuit, I fire a rocket at the corner and he blinding runs into it. This was good at first, but then the bot didn't learn that to wait at a corner before running around it into a rocket coming at his head.

He also has the ability of hearing it can hear and understand the sounds which it hears and then it will know where you are by identifying the sounds, it will track to down and blow you to shreds. This is another excellent point of the bots AI.

Rocket Jumping? Yep. The bot will actually peform rocket jumps in order to kill you, this is the very first bot in Classic Quake or Quake2 that knows how to rocket jump.. Sometimes it doesn't realise how unhealthy it is and just rocket jumps to a gorey death.

The bot is just so jam packed with features, I could go on forever. I really recommend this bot who still enjoys a bit of Classic Quaking without the 600 ping.


ze0 - Webmaster
theFragile - News / Content
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celtic88 - News
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