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  Review F.Y.I  by Evan "Obiwan" Erwin  
December 10, 1997 
  Quake Omicron Bots 
  Developer - Mr. Elusive 
  Publisher - None 
  Shelf Price - $Free 
  Download Demo - Omicron Bots 
Omicron Bots for Quake 1

Ahh, the Omicron bots. The so-called 'Reaper killers'. Well, let me tell you. They are more than just bots. They are an experience. They show more skill than reapers, more realistic movement than reapers, and they have a LOT more options than reapers. This mod cannot, however, be judged on all of my regular catogories, so I broke it down a bit. My score on this mod will result from: Models, Mood, Gameplay and Replayability. And of course, the Total score from those. Enough explaining, on to the review:  

          I based this catagory on skins, and the one shotgun-shell model there was included. The skins are done nicely, though some could have been refined. The way of seeing a bot, and telling which bot it is, by the skin, was an excellent idea, and it added depth to the game, as if you were playing a real player, the entire purpose of a bot, of course.  

          What can I say, when your deathmatch with these bots, it FEELS like deathmatch. You feel that fear, that gut-cringing emotion that makes you look around the corner with haste, fire, and seek shelter again. These bots are so advanced, they make smart decisions. They know where the armor and weapons are. They know where to cut you off at the pass. They know how to take you to pieces, and do it in style.  

          Most bots, are jerky, and monotonous, and the patterns they run get predictable, so you just slaughter them until you get tired of them. The Omicron bots have different patterns, different strategies, and the skill levels are incredibly vast. They added features in this mod that make it one of the absolute best. The ability to see the bots stats, as if it were a real player. The ability to have a float cam, the ability to look through a bots eyes, or just become an observer, and watch the bots go at it. The quakeC in this game is incredible. You can turn off any high powered weapon or powerup, such as NOLIGHTNING (no thunderbolt avaliable), or the menu option to have invisibility, mega health, and pentagram turned off. The bots have personalites, and actually talk to you while playing. It is incredible how they integrated the good things from different bots into one.  

          The more you play them, the more you come back. The bots become addictive, seeing how different bots play differently, and react differently. And considering there are about 1000 different deathmatch levels out there, and seeing as you can build your own, you'll have hours upon hours of fun with them, just deathmatching until you can't stand it any longer. Then a few hours later, get that tug to go play them again :)   

Total 91%  
          These bots are hands-down the most advanced, and interesting ones avaliable today. They are, however, without their faults. They eat your processor for lunch. On my p166 64 megs of RAM, it was at times jerky, but not all the time, mind you. The price of a jerk every now and then is paid off with great gameplay and depth. Besides, these bots can do rocket jumps! The first I've seen able to. Finally, a feature put in a bot that is seen in all great players. An excellent bot, with excellent features, and all done smoothly. Get this bot, and see for yourself. It is incredible. I highly recommend it.  

The Omicron bots can be downloaded from

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