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Intro - Since the last release of the reaper, we've had nothing to practise our deathmatch skills at, than the buggy Reaperbot. Sure, it was cool, but nothing compared to a real player. In a matter of seconds, you could notice that it was a bot, rather than a human.. Not long ago, Ramshacle posted an exclusive OmicronBot preview, a preview of a bot that should deliver where the Reaper had left off.. My dream was about to come true.. A day later, i had become a beta tester, and now - a few weeks later, you are all about to get bagged!

OBots - They are called OBots [short for Omicron's Basically Obscure Training Scheme], and they are everything you've ever wanted from a bot.. or player for that matter. In this review, we'll take a closer look at what the Omicron is able to do, as well as a few other things.. so, my fellow quakers, read on!

AI - Combat: the OBOTs fight, and they fight well..In combat, they'll always choose which weapon is better, and they'll also try to back off before firing a rocket at you. [Or any other Obot for that matter.] They also try to strafe around you while firing, depending on their skill level. Say you ended up in a dogfight with a skill 0 Obot.. what do you think will happend? Will it move around to prevent getting shot, back off before shooting a rocket, or even think about strafing? of course not! newbies doesn't do that, so why should a skill 0 bot do it? Now, would a skill 3 bot do so? Of course! This is what makes the Obots so fun to play.. No matter [well, maybe] how good you are, you will find a skill level for you. It might not be able to w00p Thresh's ass, but does it have to? All that matters is that you're having fun, ain't it?! Another thing that really adds a lot to the gaming feeling, is that the Obots shoots a lot like real players.. with the rl [rocket launcher] they might try to fire a rocket against your feet, instead of the "reaper way" which is straight AT you. Just like the player, it also happends that the Obot misses it's target. Again, a human-like thing. Another fine feature you might remember from the reaper, is that the bot will try to run away when it feels that it will lose. This often made the reaper a "sitting duck" as they say, since it would only be running away without fighting back. The OBots however, does run away while fighting, making them much more deadly. I could go on, but i think you've all taken the point.

Weapon Usage: The OmicronBots can use all the weapons default in Quake. And they can use them well. It understands splash damage, discharging in the water, and so on. if you end up in close combat with the bot, it will try to get away from you before firing off a rocket againt you.

Other: Aside from the Combat AI, and weapon usage, there is one thing that really stands out in the OBot, which is not found in many Quake bots today - Rocket Jumping! yes, you read right, rocket jumping! It's just so unbelievably to see the Obots turn away from you in the heat of a dogfight, rocket jump up to the Quad, then take a perfect 180 degree turn, and turn you into nothing but a bloody bunch o' gibs on the floor. neat.

Navigation - The OBot navigation really got me blown away. Not only can the Omicron learn the level as it goes, but it can even learn it from the player, and yes better, it can also remember it for the next time you decided to deathmatch a little! All you have to do is to start quake with a special command line, walk around the level, pick up the items, type a console command, exit quake, and recompile the BSP file. It might seem like a lot, but believe me, it's worth it. [and it probably won't take you more than 15 minutes all together] If you don't like the sound of that, though, don't worry. Because the omicron has already build in knowledge to all the id deathmatch levels. [And the 'net will probably be flooded with .ents within a week or two also..] Another thing about the navigation system that really caught my attention, was that the Bot could manage to get to the 100H\GL\ROCKETS place on DM2, via. the moving plat. The Omicron is probably the first bot ever to do this.

Feel - Before i started writing this review, i borrowed by neighbors ISDN, and called up t1 friend, for a little DMing.. What he did not know, was that i was going to spawn a bot which would play instead of me. terminator was chosen. I also typed my name as name "", so that he wouldn't notice anything strange, and as soon as he joined, they started DMing. After the 20 minute timelimit was up, i changed my name back, and that was when he understood that he had been playing versus a bot, not me. This just might prove how well the bot navigates, moves, and fights.

Features - The thing i really missed from the ReaperBot, was the lack of features [dmmodes, etc]. Luckily, the Obots comes with everything you have ever wanted, plus a little more. Some of them are.. Advanced Combat and navigation AI, learn levels as it goes, 4 different deathmatch modes, multiple team support, 24 different bot profiles, observer mode with chasecam, advanced anticamp feature, different weapon modes, multiskin, and .. well.. there's just too much to list here. Go look for your self

Final Words - F*cking awesome! .. need I say more?

+Best QC bot ever!
+24 bot profiles /w chat
+Lots of admin options
+Rocket Jumping!
-New mdl's and sounds
-harder skill levels!


..rocket jumping!

they know when to jump

..they chat too!

..chasecam is cool!

Tim Willits is a camper!

.. 'tilting mdl

Overall Rating: 98%
Models: 90%
Sounds: 88%
Feel: 99%

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