The Omicron Bot v1.01 
bot name Omicron Bot
author(s) Mr. Elusive, H2SO4
version 1.01
homepage none
released 15th december, 1997
overall 9/10

general information
the omicron bot was released by Mr. Elusive and H2SO4 the 15th december 1997, after months of beta testing. it took the reaperbot's (which had been discontinued over a year ago) 1st place with ease.

major features
the omicron is packet with features, big and small. the major ones includes: dynamic level learning, advanced routing - learns level from player and itself, hearing, advanced ai, fuzzy logic, rocket jumping, waypoints for all id dm levels, and more. 

other features
the omicron is packet with a lot of other "smaller" features, too: different user profiles, advanced observer options - freefly, chasecam and botcam, multiple team support, deathmatch 3 & 4 modes, optional removal of the quad, 666 and eyes, different skill levels, multiskin support, randomize maps and cycle maps, anti-camper feature, new models and sounds (can be disabled), and more. 

timm's comments
very nice designed bot, although a bit CPU intensive. (133MHz, 32RAM can't handle more than 4 with no slowdown) mainly designed for frag fest games - h2h ain't it strongest side, although not it's worst. lots of extra features included, which is always a plus. rocket jumping sure is cool, although "a bit buggy" comes to mind. if this bot has yet not found it's way onto your hard drive, you're missing out - big time! 

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