Omicron Bot: (Currently Reviewed Version 1.02) If there is any Bot that comes close to the Reaper (even surpassing it in many areas) it is the Omicron Bot. This is simply an excellent Bot! Omicron has some of the most advanced AI of any Bot for Quake and it even knows how to rocket-jump. This Bot also has over twenty skins, supports teamplay and has a ton of sophisticated settings and features. Mr. Elusive, the author of Omicron, has now released the final version, and as an added bonus it can now play the Rocket Arena MOD. There is just one word for Omicron—FANTASTIC!

Randar's Rating—˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ + +

Special Award: The Overall Best Bot for Quake One!!!

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