Interview with Mr Elusive
the man behind the omicron has finally dediced to speak up..

hey there, wasup?

    Perhaps you're interviewing me? :)

why dont you tell us a little about yourself?

    I'm from the Netherlands. I'm studying computer science at the Technological University in Delfi. I like programming but designing stuff is usually much more fun. I like to draw as well but most often I don't take the time to do it.

what is this omicron thing you've created?

    It's an artificial player for Quake, originally designed to play the deathmatch type of game :)

why did you decide to make it?

    The Omicron bot was primarily made to give my clan members and myself an oppertunity to practice before getting killed on the internet :)

how long time did you use to create it?

    I really don't know. Doesn't really matter because it was fun to create it.

are there any new releases coming up? if so, when?

    Yep there will be a final release. It has been sitting on my hd for quite some time now, actaully way too long.

i've heard some talk about a major new feature - any comments?

    Just wait till the final release. And please don't expect too much of it :) (Haven't been working on the Omicron bot all the time since the last release.)

do you still play the omicron, or has quake2 taken over?

    Haven't been playing with the Omicron bot for quite some time now :) When I'll play a first person shoot-em up Quake2 is probably the game.

heh - i've got to ask: will there be a omicron2, and if so - when?

    I would love to create a new bot for Quake2 but at the moment I haven't got the time.

will the omicrons source ever be released?- why\why not?

    Nope. I don't know if it would be too nice to see all kind of Omicron clones around.

what do you think of the upcoming frogbot? are you afraid it will take omi's 1st place?

    From what I've seen of it the Frogbot looks very cool at the moment. I'm not afraid the Frogbot is taking the first place. I'm not developping the Omicron bot anymore so it might just as well take the first place. Besides I think the Frogbot will be quite different in some aspects so everyone should just choose the bot he/she likes best.

anything else you'd like to add before we end this interview?

    Yeah Timm, don't play too much with bots ;)

thanks for doing this interview with me man.


the man has spoken..

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