Here are Demigod's quotes and their translations:

Resurgam--I shall rise again
non placet--it does not please
errare est humanum--to err is human
exitus acta probat--the outcome justifies the deed
hodie mihi, cras tibi--me today, you tomorrow
facta non verba--deeds, not words
aut vincere aut mori--to conquer or die
Cogito, ergo sum--I think, therefore I am
Omicron optimus maximus--omicron best and greatest
proh pudor!--oh, for shame
aut Omicron Bots aut nullus--either omicron bots or nothing

Here are K'Tesh's quotes and their translations:

nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'-- 
I am NOT a merry MAN!-- 
boch ghlchraj--
your nose is shiny
tlhlngan Hol Dajatlh'a'--do you speak klingon
bortaS blr jablu'Dl'reH QaQqu'nay'--revenge is a dish best served cold
majQa'--very good,well done
blmoHqu'--you are ugly
Duj tlvoqtaH--always trust your instincts
bljeghbe'chugh vaj blHegh--surrender or die
veQDuj 'oH Dujllj'e'--your ship is a garbage scow
Hab SoSlI 'Quch!--your mother has a smooth forehead
ghuy'cha--insult of some sorts
Verengan Ha'DIaH--Ferengi dog
Qu'vath--some sort of insult
jlHtaHbogh naDev--I'm Lost!
toH--Well, AHA
qay'be'--no problem
qaStaH nuq jay'--What the #$*@ is happening