Omicron bot related quotes, speculations and other cool stuff :)

Oh and I think the Babe bot is a real Bitch! I *know* you guys tweaked her up, tell the truth now! Why is she always behind me? Revenge for all women I guess.
- John M Clancy aka MeleKahn aka Poison -

The Omicron may be a hefty step upwards, but it sure ain't the Second Coming of Christ.
- Eryk "underscore" Jaegermann -

I'll have to give this bot the thumbs up over the reaper, strictly because it's good shaft practice.
- Scary (Scary's Sugar Shack) -

To tell ya the truth, both bots have the same number of votes, and the omnicron bot appears above the reaper cuz the list is alphabetical if it's a tie.
- Leann (Quake Women's Forum) -

Great BOTS!!!!  I love them!!!
- Myscha the sled dog -

Fill me in on the talents behind this fantasic work.
- Paul Schuytema -

many thanks for the credit.. the bot is awesome.
- Lucas Pope -

Dude. That's one rad quote....HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Don't sweat it. As long as you have corrected your ways I will let you off with a light sentence. I want you to shoot yourself in the foot with your rocket launcher 10 times with no armor on. You will be pardoned at that time. =)
- JUDGE Slappy -

I hate the skins.
I'd rather names like Alpha, Omega, Omicron, rather than names like "The Tick" and "Elvis". It seems to me you guys wanna inject some humor into this mod but I'm a serious dude and I like my deathmatch plain and simple. Scary from Scary Sugar Shack also shares my views too it seems. Other than these, everything else rocks
- grinder -

More of them chat lines.. I LOVE THOSE COMMENTS!!
- Timm 'Mr?' Stokke (Metropolis)-

And on another note, a Rocket Arena would be cool, really cool. I have heard from many people that they want the Omicron to work with RA rules and maps. If you could fix these things when you find some time (I have a hard time to find time myself to do things) you would stand pretty close to god. :-)
- /Tom ass -

You're welcome! You're bringing productivity to an unacceptable rate here at PC Team magazine ;)))
- Frederic Botton (PC Team magazine) -

I don't care if you said not to send you email about bugs, I am because this really freakin' annoys me. You think you added teamplay? Then why the heck can't I join a team because it gives me an error saying "Cannot join team while game is in progress"!?!? How the heck else am I supposed to join a team!?!? Join it without playing a game!? How the heck is that possible!?!? So WHY IS IT GIVING ME THIS ERROR!?!?!? IT IS TOO F-CKING ANNOYING!!!
- Scottie "Scooter" Abbott -

From MACcers:

Iceman can't require too much processing power to stand at a corner and act like a pigeon. But Tigger and all that crazed jumping and boobing and weaving, I would not be surprised to find that Tig takes 20 Mb just to run down a hallway
- Piggy -

I put together a self running DM demo from the new Omicron bot. The map is DM6. Bill Gates is there. Watch me kill him.
- Nsupremo -

Other oddities of Tigger that I have noticed: He can shoot the corners like no other  The next couple wild shots that I send are usually at the wall where I thought he was, the ceiling (from where he just jumped over me ????) and then if I am unlucky, right in front of me (piggy becomes bored with life). Ughh!!!!
- Piggy -

They seem to die "properly" immediately after respawn, when they have no armor and 100 health. I think the problem lies in the armor. The bots probably get more protection with it than we do.
- castle Freak -

If we could get the source code to the Omicrons (like he'll ever release it..) we could check for all the nasties that we think are in there.. I'm sure there are some. I have been trying to de-compile the Obots source code (shh!!!) with proqcc and have had no success whatsoever... the reason most likely is that I'm stupid. Has anyone else had success with this or de-compiling ANY Quake-C code??
- Vedder -