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Sat April 14 2001
For the past few months I haven't been able to update the site or do as many routes as I would like to have done. The reason for this is due to personal problems of which I am not about to divulge on here.

I have worked hard over the last few years to try and provide omibot routes for as  many of the excellent Quake DM levels as possible. But lately it just seems to me that it's all starting to wear thin.

I have decided to take a much needed rest away from the webby for an undecided length of time. So this will be my final post for a while anyway.

I may do some routes and will post them from time to time on the routes page, and will probably announce them on Qmap.

I want to thank you all for visiting the site and appreciating my efforts to keep Quake alive. Quake really is the most exciting challenging game of all time, and the ultimate DM experience.

Take Care....Skorpion
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