The artificial player for Quake

The Omicron Bot is named after the (ex-)Clan, and the Clan is named after the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. The Omicron Bot is an artificial player for the computer game Quake and is the result of a project initially started to educate the Omicron Clan members in the way(s) of the deathmatch warrior. The project has grown all out of proportion and the bot was released worldwide on December 4th, 1997 with over 10000 downloads within the first 24 hours (not bad for the time). In the "best quake add-on" contest held at QWF it was voted on a shared 10th place, together with the Reaper bot. That's pretty good for a bot out for nearly a month, to gain that high a position.

To cut the story... the Omicron Bot (*FINAL*) version 1.02 is out! Below you'll find some download links and some stuff to read for the die-hard Omicron bot fans.

Quake Omicron Bots

Download the Omicron bot (PC users)

This is the final version!

Download the Omicron bot (Macintosh users)

The Omicron Bot was written for the PC, not for the MAC. The fact that all you MACcers can use our product may be attributed to your good fortune, but most likely to id Software's programming skills.


Praise, Put Downs and other stuff

Read what others have to say about the Omicron bot in case you do not have an opinion of your own.

Previews, reviews and comments
Quotes from some of the bot characters
Quotes and Speculations from various people

Omicron bot documentation

During the Omicron Bot project the inner workings of the Omicron Bot have been documented.

Omicron bot documentation

Omicron bot related links

For your own enjoyment of the bot, we recommend these sites for your viewing pleasure.

Skorpion's Omicron Bot Site
CoolGuy's Omicron Ents


MrElusive's QuakeC compiler with significantly improved performance. Includes a C compatible precompiler and can create undecompilable progs.dat files.

MeQCC 1.4 59 kB
MeQCC 1.4 source code 98 kB