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The demos here are all played in custom 1on1 deathmatch levels, against varying skilled 'omicron' bots. The demos must be installed in your 'omicron' dir., and you must also have the maps installed in your id/maps dir. All of the levels can be downloaded from the maps page.
I'm always looking for more demos, so if you have some good ones, send them to me and I'll post them. The only requirements are, that they must be played in custom 1on1 maps, vs omicron bots, in either 1on1 or FFA style. Omi-routes installed would be a preference, as they make things a lot more interesting, but is not a neccessity.
Demos are lots of fun, and a good way to improve your gameplay, by observing others.

skorpodd1.zip 'Skorpion' vs a skill 1 omibot (route installed) in 'Odd's' cool map odd1 'Buddah's Base'. Lot's of fun! (new version)

skorp_odd2.zip 'Skorpion' vs Sven (skill 1) in 'Odd2' (with route installed).
s2peej1.zip 'Peej' vs a skill ? omibot in his very cool level strafin2 'Freestyle Gibbage'. Good fast action!(no route installed)
aeropre2.zip 'Preacher' involved in a FFA with 5 varying skilled omi's in his classic level 'Aerowalk'. Fantastic!(no route installed)
skrp7strf1.zip 'Skorpion' vs 'Punisher'(skill1) in Strafin1.( with route installed.)
e2_1on1.zip This demo is 'moloch' vs a skill 3 omibot in joCke's great map elkdm2 'Iron Trees'. Super action!(no route installed)
gon_wdm4.zip 'Gonzo vs a skill 1 omibot in 'wrAth's super level, wdm4 'Vertigo'.(no route installed)
brillo_aerowalk.zip 'Brillo' vs a skill3 omibot in a 1-on-1 in Aerowalk (omi-route installed.) This is a fantastic show, you've gotta see this one:)
brillo_naked3.zip 'Brillo' vs a skill3 omibot in a 1-on-1 in Naked3 (omi-route installed) Superb action!
brillo_summer.zip 'Brillo' vs 'Skill3 Omi' ( route installed) in 'Borsato's' fine map 'Summer'. If you like to watch Brillo like I do, you've gotta have this one, lots of action:)
rumbot_dp.zip 'Rum' vs Omibots (skill ?) in 3 Dapak Demos played in dapak2: The Lost Outpost...dapak4: Capital punishment...dapak7: Lethal Impulse. Dapak Still Rocks!!!
qaz_omi3.zip 'Qaz' vs Skill 3 omi in 'Warfare (omiroute installed). This is a nice sized demo (fraglimit 10) with some good action from Qaz.
wrfrdem.zip 'Gonzo' vs a skill 3 omibot in his map 'Stabilized Warfare'. Lot's of action!(no route installed)
sniperman.zip 'Sniperman' vs Tigger and Qspy (skill 1) in 'Muny16' (no route installed). A nice and fast threesome.
brillo_elkdm2.zip 'Brillo' vs 2 'Omibots' (skill 3) in 'Scrawn's 1-on-1 map 'Iron Trees' (Omi-Route installed).  What a 'Frag-Fest!!!
realdeal.zip 'Headshot' vs a 'Skill 3 Omibot' in his latest 1-on-1 map: 'Bless To Kill' (omi-route installed). He certainly had his hands full in this one:) Nice fast action in a very cool map, a must see!
brillo_efdm8.zip This is 'Brillo' vs a 'Skill3 Omibot' in 'EFDM8', (with omi-route installed) and DMM set at 3. This demo is simply awesome!
brillo_summer3.zip This one features 'Brillo' vs a 'Skill3 Omibot', in 'Summer', (with omi-route installed) and DMM set at 3. I highly recommend you view this demo, it is Q1 Deathmatching at it's very best!
jrdm2_2.zip This demo features 'AnaesThesiA' vs 'Qspy' in 'Junior's' classic 1-on-1 map...'Foot Massage': (jrdm2.bsp) with an Omi-route installed....nice fast action in a very cool map!
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