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All of the files on this page, are required to get the very best optimized performance from the Omicron Bot Mod.
Files include, the Omicron Bot Mod, all Rocket Arena files, files for all modifications described on this site, and demo optimization files.

obots102.zip Download the 'Omicron Bot Mod' from the Omicron Bot Home Page.

farena12.zip This is the 'Client' Rocket Arena Mod, you'll need this file, if you want to play the Omibots in RA.
allmaps.zip A 'Rocket Arena' Map Cycler Randomizer Script for the Omicron Bot mod.
pakexplr.zip This is the best unpacker utility, and it's freeware which makes it all the better.
txqbsp06.zip 'QBSP' ( QuArKe Quake Army Knife ) A very good version. This file is required to hardcode the routes (.ents) into the maps (.bsps).
qbsp162.zip This version of QBSP by Greg Lewis is sometimes better for hardcoding .ent files into .bsp's that contain large numbers of entities.
24skinz.zip Here are 24 custom skins that can be substituted for the 24 omi skins if desired.....by Dave Lister (Mr.Blob) & A.V.I. (Lord Soth)
omi_bp.zip This is my own 24 skin file, which replaces the omibot skins with 24 different coloured (base) Quake Guy skins. Makes for a little more serious game in my opinion. Now supports teamplay as well.
dp212.zip 'Demo Play' is a cool little program which makes it easy to play your favorite demos.
demtool.zip 'DemTool' makes it very easy to modify, or compress your demos, remove unwanted pauses, text, or add extra blood!!!
dzip.zip Here's the best utility for compressing demos. It compresses demos better than any other zipping utility available.
frheddy.zip "Free Hex Editor"....a free binary file editor for 32-Bit Windows platforms. If you want to change the names of the Omi's, this little editor serves the purpose. Download this file, then go to the mods page for a full tutorial on the procedure.
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