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Omi Dapak Mod
Here is a little "mod" I put together for all you Dapak lovers.:) It includes the complete '12 Dapak' maps with omi-routes pre-installed, along with an omicron map cycler script.
The 'routed' levels will give optimum omibot gameplay and the map cycler script, will cause the levels to change automatically to the next in sequence, just like the original server dapak mod does.  Click here to download. Have fun :)

Omi Player Mod
Here's a player model modification that puts the 'regular quake player' back in your omicron bot games, along with the 'regular  head gib'. And as an added bonus, he will be colored differently from bot to bot. Makes for much more realistic deathmatching in my opinion,  just like in regular net play with skins set at base. I created this mod for people with low end systems, who are playing the omibots with +registered 2 active, and are tired of playing the 'default player with it's skull head_gib'.  And also for people who are just tired of playing the omi's with their regular skins.

The first step is to open your 'omicron' directory, then double click on the 'progs' folder.
Create a folder in progs, and name it 'backup'. Then look for the files 'player.mdl' and 'h_player.mdl' in progs, select both, then drag and drop them into the new 'backup' folder you created.

Now download this file, and unzip all of it's contents into your omicron\progs directory, to replace the omi 'player.mdl' and 'h_player.mdl' you moved to the 'backup' folder.

Now, when you play the omi's you will  have the regular quake player and head_gib models.
And what's really cool, is that they will all have the 'base' player skin, with their own distinct colors
for all 24 bots.


Omi Name & Bottalk Mod
Tired of playing Happy Slappy, Bill Gates and Tigger? Tired of the same old Bottalk? Well, now you can change the Omi's names and bottalk to pretty much whatever you want. Think about how cool it would be to frag your boss, or your mother-in-law! Bet it would make you a better player =)

I've written a full tutorial on the procedure including screenshots, and as long as a few basic rules are followed, you'll have no problems. Anyway, if your ready to start, click here.

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